What Divorce Cannot Fix

A divorce may seem like a simple solution to your problems, but it is important to note the limitations of divorce.

Family law courts are designed to solve many problems, but here are a few that divorce proceedings may not solve.

Ensure accurate and equal split

A divorce can not ensure a mathematically exact division of property, or time with their children. Because no two people or two couples, or two equal divorce, the judge ordering a divorce must make the best decision with the limitations of time and information available. Sometimes the decision will not be the fairest, and certainly not have intended to benefit him individually in full. The family courts should generally make the best determination even in the worst circumstances. For example, a custody agreement is not very satisfactory for both parents when one of them lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the other in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ensure civil relations

Even if a court can establish agreements on custody and visitation, will not be present every Friday when a mother leave children at her ex-husband. Nor will be there during the weekend to ensure that the parent does not make snide comments about the mother in front of children. Ultimately, the court order is only a part. The mother and father should still keep a civilized treatment; so that they can be carried out both custody and visitation. Divorce does not diminish responsibility for their children, and this includes dealing with the other parent of their children. Divorce also takes away any right of paternity (maternity) of the children (except for cases of abuse).

Maintain their economic standards

It must recognize that a divorce will not increase your salary, or prevent economic level drops once you get a divorce. Unfortunately, from an economic point of view, it is simply cheaper for two people to live together and share expenses, to maintain two separate dwellings. The divorce will change their economic standards and will be very little (if not all) the court can do about it.

Solving emotional problems

Finally, a court may not punish his former partner or give you entirely right about everything bad that happened during their marriage. The divorce judgment will not mitigate the emotional damage or prevent feel sad at the thought of the failed relationship. That is his job, though it may seek assistance through therapists and support groups.