How divorce can affect the children

baby-443390_640I do not deny the divorce as a solution to some marital conflict-indeed, in some cases I consider it the lesser of two evils, as not deny the right of individuals to seek a happy marriage; but this reflection is intended to alert about the injury that separations often result in children .

These always beautiful fruits of love that existed at one time, may find that suddenly your home has been broken and suffering disputes their parents, hurtful phrases, hostile environment, divisions of property and separation, the peer learning unconstructive behaviors that might engage them their future.

The children amid the breakup of the couple

The divorce of the parents and the reaction of the children

Perhaps at this point of the XXI century we are witnessing a change in family models as is the inherited. Perhaps marriages are no longer “until death do you part,” but beyond forecasts and predictions.

Another circumstance that should be avoided at all costs, is to discuss the divorce in front of children. There is evidence that many children end up blaming the separation of their parents with unpredictable consequences that this has on their self-esteem and psychological balance. It is recommended to deal with them the reasons for the separation , so that they understand that the right to happiness on which the divorce is based , has nothing to do with maternal or paternal love.

But prudence precipitate small entry into a new family: Before you introduce a couple, you must know that little has the ability to take that relationship. Once consummated the divorce, it must get rid of hatred, rancor and resentment, even to the children. Unforgivable condemn the emotional abandonment in order to avoid encounters with the former partner. It is important that, no matter how difficult the break, the father-child bond does not suffer more than the separation itself implies. That link, ultimately, it is for life.

Nothing justifies transform small spies to report what does the other party, or hostages of affection to get an advantageous negotiation. If it is necessary to establish a visitation, it should not lose sight that the priority is to satisfy the need to share together, child and parent, without making this a sanction mechanism. Some studies claim that divorce is one of the strongest causes of stress that affects children and that this in itself can generate anxiety , fear, uncertainty , ambivalence and different behavioral disorders.

So if you have conflicts in your marriage and divorce is imminent or, at least, is one of the possible solutions, do not forget that:

1. Children are not guilty of marital conflict and should not pay for the mistakes of their parents.

2. Despite the distance, they must know that they will have the love and support of both parents as if nothing had happened.

3. The well-being, safety and health of the children are well worth to put aside grudges, revenge, hatred … It’s your choice to make a friendly atmosphere prevails in the separation.

If you are interested in finding out more about the divorce process and exactly what is involved, please contact a reputable divorce attorney in your area.